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Lucky Fletcher wrote this article. He works for a Drone Rental Company in Soweto. He helps to connect drone pilots qualified for every aerial need to business clients. He also helps people who need drones for business or for fun connect to drone owners who are willing to give them up for rent or to companies that sell drones.He offers his services at affordable prices and ensures his customers get their needs at affordable prices too.
He manages a website that allows people organize, manage and set up races. His website also provides the platform for racers and sponsors to meet for business deals or just plainly for fun. Payments are automated and there are healthy competitions for all skill levels.

He has always loved to ‘run ahead of time’, even as a kid. This explains his racing skills and love for drones. When he is not found in the drone business, he is found horseracing or hiking. He is fondly called The Runman by all his friends and associates.

Data collected with data telemetry in a drone flight can be visualized using a UAV software app. Different parameters recorded during the flight are demonstrated in easy-to-read line diagrams to the user. The reader can easily differentiate between different parameters that have been recorded by the app since these parameters appear as graphics on the app.
All the user needs to do is to launch the program and learn the tools and options available by exploring its user interface.
And if you find anything not clear, refer to the manual. The drone manual is a complete guide with detailed documentations.

There are different models of drones and microdrones from different companies. We advise you get the appropriate software app for your drone.


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